Our news

Keeping members and friends aware of our activities is very important to ICDP and we endeavour to send regular news updates about our activities.

Newsletters generally include:

  • Updates on our current research activities
  • Will alert you to new Blogs on the website
  • Details of new publications for members
  • Details of new publications for sale to non members
  • Agendas and booking forms for forthcoming member meetings
  • Agendas and booking forms for meetings available to non members
  • News on activities outside the European Research Project
  • Invitations to take part in research interviews, etc

Some newsletters may be tailored specifically to an audience i.e. dealers, aftersales, others will be for everyone who is registered to receive one. 

If you have a query on anything raised in a newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact either your local research team or the Project Office.