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There’s a buzz in retailing around saving the retail high street in the UK, led by retail guru Mary Portas. As Mary explained, this was not simple nostalgia, “You're not going to have the same amount of shops on the small High Street. It's not going to happen. But what you can do is you need to put some activity back on the High Street .” This activity includes encouraging online providers to offer pop-up shops and bring new experiences and theatre into town centres.”
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Written by Ben Waller

Tesla hits the spot! Residual value is key to market success for EVs

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I had the opportunity to drive the first Tesla Model S in the UK a couple days ago, courtesy of my friends at Chargemaster who are installing much of the EV charging infrastructure in the UK. What was most impressive is that it is a great car which happens to be electrically powered, rather than a great electric car. In my short drive, it seemed well-built, performed like a sports saloon should do in terms of acceleration, and hid its weight well – perhaps because the battery pack is under the floor, in the middle of the chassis.
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Written by Steve Young

Listen to the aftersales customer – value is key

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Players in the aftersales world all face the same problems, however some are keener to throw stones into their competitors back gardens than tend to their own….. We – the customer – delay booking service and repair, it is always an unwelcome bill arriving at an inconvenient financial time. What’s more there is no visual gain from it, just a smaller bank balance.
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Ford2Go – car club schemes adapting to customer needs?

Ford 2go

At the beginning of March, Ford announced a new cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (German railway company) and with the Ford Händler Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH (Ford dealer service corporation) launching the German-wide car sharing platform Ford2Go in the second quarter of 2013.
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Written by Gabriel Marks


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It was like stealing a car! I waived the City Car Club membership card over the reader behind the windscreen and we were in. Once inside, I entered my pin number which released the car key.
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Written by Ben Waller

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