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What’s so special about the US market recovery which Europe lacks?

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The auto credit environment is a pretty consistent part of US auto market support and the auto market’s recovery since the crash has certainly played a significant part in the general US economic recovery. This is in stark contrast with Europe, despite some signs of resilience - the UK and Germany for example, where the automobile market has languished whilst the market in the US has steadily increased (though it will be interested to see whether the American momentum is sustained if, as is widely rumoured, Mr Bernanke turns off or significantly reduces his monetary printing press which reflects the downturn seen in GDP growth by the OECD in 2013 – albeit that US performance is still way ahead of the Eurozone).
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Written by Peter Bailey

Banking on January 1st - the scourge of industry driven seasonality...


The calendar year seems to have a grip on the throat of the industry with most depending on having a tidy year end and an improved financial result. How much better would it be if - in the Northern hemisphere at least – the financial year end did not fall in December, the forced sales and used car disposals to reduce stocks and improve end year results!
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Written by Peter Bailey

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