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Delivery of digital services to order

Written by Ben Waller

Adaptation and Survival

Ben Moths
Written by Ben Waller

Shopping around

Shopping Basket
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Network disconnected

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The opacity of retained margins and stocking costs are barriers to better product range management

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It is a Monday afternoon. A customer is talking to the salesperson. They have found a car in stock at another dealer that matches the customer requirements, after a bit of compromise from the customer on choice of interior trim. The salesperson is trying to work out the margins on a new car deal. In addition to the margin and bonus scheme, the salesperson is trying to understand additional campaign and other support payments available from the National Sales Company for the particular car that is under discussion. The salesperson speaks to the sales manager who in turn speaks to the zone manager to confirm support on a particular car. The zone manager then speaks to someone at the National Sales Company to get clarification on a particular point, or extend an offer to a particular derivative.
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Written by Ben Waller

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