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A world away from the economic and industry woes of Ireland, there is a European market where stability reigns and seasonality is only affected (slightly) by the weather, yes, one really exists! It’s Switzerland… 

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Hardly surprising you might say given the strength of the banking sector…notwithstanding UBS…However, market stability aside, the mountains and their snowy weather do not seem to adversely affect the working of the market month by month.

Largely free from government regulatory and industry interference - annual registration plate changes, scrappage schemes and the like - Switzerland, where registrations are driver/location rather than date-driven, has been remarkably stable for many years without the peaks and troughs of other flatter markets.  It must be a planning dream rather than nightmare.

Swiss Seasonality 2

Government regulation did play a part in the spike in June registrations as a result of a change in the vehicle CO2 emissions-related tax structure affecting larger vehicles from July 1st but the follow on does not suggest that the inherent stability of the market has been adversely affected.

Image: Family Ski News

Written by Peter Bailey

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