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Toyota’s recall – does every cloud have a silver lining?

Toyota Recall

Toyota has announced this week that they will be issuing recall notices to 7.43 million customers worldwide in order to fix faulty electric window switches that represent a potential hazard, a recall that at only 40 minutes of work per vehicle will still cost Toyota a significant amount in both time and parts.

This recall comes at the worst possible moment for Toyota who are currently fighting to fix their damaged reputation on the heels of the 2009 recall of 12 million vehicles, which garnered fines from US regulators, and huge production problems resulting from the 2011 tsunami. Many industry pundits are expecting public perception of Toyota to decrease despite Toyota’s argument that they are acting as a responsible manufacturer by recalling so many vehicles after only 200 complaints on such a small matter as window switches.

The following question then arises; “does every cloud have a silver lining”? That is, can Toyota make the most out of a bad situation?

With 7.4 million customers expected to be visiting Toyota workshops in the near future, including older cars which have long since moved from the franchised aftersales network into the independent network, there is a huge opportunity for Toyota representatives to recapture lost customers and both re-engage and upsell to existing aftersales customers.

So, will Toyota take the recall and turn it into an aftersales opportunity? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Image: Car and Driver

Written by Gareth Arnould

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