Data services

Like all businesses nowadays, we are driven by data.  In the course of our work, we gather and collate data through our own primary research, and also from a large number of public sources, and feed it back through our events and publications.

Research programme members also supply us with certain types of data to feed our benchmarking and modelling activities; these are subject to strict confidentiality and anti-trust policies and are never shared with any third parties.

We have developed Data Services as a means of giving members and other clients direct access to rich datasets, where they can run queries and extract the resulting data in a variety of formats for their own use.  The data are accessed via our DataPort online subscription service.

DataPort currently holds extensive network franchised network data, drawn from our annual European Car Distribution Handbook of brand-by-brand network sizes and shapes across 36 European markets, as well as the detailed results of our consumer surveys, conducted annually with over 2,000 car buying and aftersales customers across a selection of markets.  It enables users to find the answers to queries such as:

  • How does the network for Brand A compare to Brands B and C, and how has this changed over the last 3 years?
  • How have networks changed in Market X compared to Market Y and Z?
  • How do customers of premium brands in Market M differ from volume brands?
  • Is there are a relationship between level of internet research and number of dealers visited?

Further details of subscription packages, and how to access the service, are available on the DataPort pages.  We plan to extend the coverage of DataPort further in the future.

The European Car Distribution Handbook is also available as a full publication.