New vehicle supply strategy short course

BW Nvs Course 

What does this course offer?
This course is designed for managers taking on key responsibilities and roles in new vehicle supply, whether at functions within the manufacturer at either regional headquarters or National Sales Company, or within supply chain partners such as logistics service providers. Through a mixture of interactive learning, tasks and simulation, the course aims to deliver core understanding and skills required to analyse the issues typically encountered as they impact at various points in the supply chain, and design and manage a supply strategy that is lean, agile and responsive to change. The course is built around ICDP’s research and consultancy in this area since 1994.

Who should attend?
Managers attending the two day course will benefit from a closed environment and a focus on key aspects of new vehicle supply chain thinking within automotive distribution. Ideal for managers wishing to enhance their skills on entering departments with sales and supply roles including: sales and marketing, sales incentives planning, inventory planning, production planning, logistics, delivery and storage chain design, stock financing, pan-European retail strategy.

Summary of the key learning objectives
Attendees will gain the following insights from the ICDP research backed modules:

  • An overview of the evolution of new vehicle supply in Europe, an appreciation of segment and market differences, and a broad comparison with the US, India and China
  • A structural, end-to-end, and systems dynamics view of the design of new vehicle supply chain, with comparisons of different approaches, and the benefits and drawbacks that alternatives deliver
  • Approaches to enabling an open system including an aligned dealer financing and incentives programme
  • Tools and methods for setting appropriate stock objectives and measures, and approaches for financing for inventory optimisation
  • Understand the impacts and trade offs that must be addressed for managing offered product variety, lead time and distance within the model range, through the product lifecycle, along with approaches and tools to shape, mitigate and manage these effects.

Summary of course content
Day 1

  • A systems dynamics perspective on the end to end new car supply system
  • Evolution of new vehicle supply in Europe including customer behaviour
  • Market differences within Europe, and with the US, India and China
  • Alternative approaches to sales and order planning, and pipeline flexibility
  • Alternative approaches to stock planning and management
  • Variety, customers and the hidden discounting costs of supply issues
  • Systems dynamics simulation game

Day 2

  • Alignment of incentive schemes with the order to delivery process
  • Stock financing and alignment with stocking strategy
  • Scenario planning for global and local supply, and vehicle delivery chains
  • Lifecycle supply management and best practice model launch and run-out
  • Future Omni-channel retail approaches to dealer networks and supply
  • Innovation in late configuration, de-fleet refurbishment and micro factories
  • Your business strategy and the issues presented 

How is the course delivered?
A two day classroom based course, which can be trimmed if necessary but is designed to run for two long sessions. We run this course on the basis of a block booking only by the client. This means that we can accommodate from five to twenty people per course, but the costs for delivery remain the same. Our preference is delivery at your venue, but we can of course discuss alternative arrangements.

What is the cost?
Please contact us for a quote. ICDP programme members automatically receive a discount. For more information and to discuss arranging in-house delivery of this short course, please contact either Ben Waller or Jane Trace at our UK office   +44 (0)7850 466590  +44 (0)1564 711224

A downloadable version of this course outline is available here

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