Research programmes

ICDP’s collaborative research programmes cover all aspects of the automotive distribution, retailing, and aftersales environment, with support and participation from organisations from right across the sector.  Each programme operates with a common agenda, timetable, and outputs, to ensure that members derive maximum insights and benefits from across the inter-linked range of topics.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, ICDP is able to take a holistic view of the sector in developing its programmes, and to benefit from confidential insights from all types of player in the course of the research.  This enables us to take a broad perspective and to identify strategic options and operational improvement opportunities, and related models and tools, which members can then apply to their own businesses.

Membership of ICDP’s research programmes delivers to members:

  • Periodic research in key areas of automotive distribution which allows them to benchmark performance and processes against their peer group and the industry as a whole for key European markets.  In certain cases, we also include case studies and analyses from other sectors
  • Strategic and operational insights on distribution and network issues from sales and aftermarket perspectives, which members then apply to their own strategic and management initiatives in order to derive tangible business improvement
  • Informal networking with peers in the industry through ICDP-hosted events providing an opportunity to share insights, understanding and practical experience on areas of mutual interest, which then assists internal decision making.

The research programmes operate by developing a portfolio of topics in conjunction with existing and prospective members – we then deploy a variety of methods to build our insight for each of them.  These include:

  • Proprietary consumer surveys, which typically encompasses new and used car, and service buyers.  For the European programme, our consumer survey covers 10 different markets
  • Regular online surveys of industry players, including manufacturers, dealers, independent repairers, spare parts distributors, and third party agencies
  • Detailed data collection and benchmarking exercises, feeding into our custom supply chain, networks, and aftermarket simulation and projection models
  • In-depth qualitative senior-level interview programmes
  • Extensive desk research within and outside the automotive sector, at a global level

Research content and insight is then delivered to members via a calendar of programme events and in-house presentations, alongside briefings and other written outputs, all of which are available to download by registered employees of any member from our website.

Our current programmes cover Europe and China.  In the past, we have also run research programmes covering the USA, Australia, and the commercial vehicle sector in Europe.

For more information about how to become a research programme member, please contact the Project Office.