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Author: ICDP

Date: January 24, 2018

Tags: Aftersales

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The overall car aftermarket is currently facing a number of changes, both in terms of structure and of nature, notably due to the lower number of repair and maintenance operations, the development of digital services and the growing significance of car/driver data in this segment of the car industry.

Although IAM operators have historically been able to cope with aftersales trends and evolutions, their ability to adapt and the strategies they will need to implement will be critical in the future.  Elements such as access to the car’s technical data for repair and maintenance of the vehicle will be vital, however the general information generated by these vehicles and their drivers will be on top of the IAM representatives’ agendas. Other factors, such as the technical content of cars (electronics and software, 48 Volt electrical systems, new powertrains…) and the elements of regulation linked to it (technician skills, safety issues…) will force independent operators to invest in equipment and human resources.  At the same time, the way parts are distributed is changing as well, with blurred lines between the OEM and IAM channels, and an increasing pressure from on-line operators on the traditional parts supply chain.

Customers are evolving as well, and IAM players have to adapt their offer. Independent repairers may also need to get the support from their parts suppliers and other sources. They will need this to ensure that they can deal today and in the future with the various challenges needed to provide an all make service in a prompt and qualitative manner. In particular, further services around diagnostics, specialised tools, technical information, online lead-generating and a “good, better, best” parts offer will be needed.

In a broader sense, the probable growth of ‘managed aftersales’ – linked to fleets, but also to PCP/full service leasing deals, car sharing, leasing offers on used car etc. – will also potentially change the way the independent sector is addressing automotive aftersales in the future…

Objectives of this workshop
In order to better assess the strategic moves by the various stakeholders present in the car aftermarket and to make them more visual, ICDP has developed a qualitative model covering both the ‘product’ and the ‘channel’ dimensions. This model, and how it works for some practical examples, was presented during the workshop. The aim is to visualise the various strategies implemented and their potential for a transformational change in parts distribution and service delivery. “What-if scenarios” were also analysed.

Based on ICDP research which involved desk research and expert interviews, we will show the evolution of the different types of IAM operators over the past few years, the various strengths and opportunities that might affect this evolution and how these various operators can cope.  Notably, the support that independent repairers can get from their suppliers and various third parties were presented. Overall, the trends in the aftermarket ‘battlefield’, both from the off-line and on-line/digital aspects were analysed.

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