Understanding subscription

Ben Waller

Publication Number: Executive Briefing 09/18

Author: Ben Waller

Date: August 07, 2018

Tags: New vehicles, Mobility trends

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Several OEMs are in the process of piloting and rolling out new subscription-based services, many of which are gaining considerable attention. These subscription services form part of wider experimentation in offering car-as-a-service and mobility, by OEMs and others, as shown below. These subscription services provide customers with exclusive access to a car, including all services related to access to that car, for an agreed period; fuel or electricity are typically extras, but even these may be bundled in via fuel or EV charge cards, and some even include management of road use penalties such as tolls, parking charges or fines. But underneath the bonnet, there are two very different types of offer currently being marketed as subscription and reported in the media in the same undifferentiated terms.

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