Used Electric Vehicles: just another used car market?

Christophe Guillaneuf

Publication Number: Management Briefing 148

Author: Christophe Guillaneuf

Date: November 13, 2018

Tags: Used vehicles, Mobility trends

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Although still marginal, the e-used car market benefits from the acceleration of new BEV sales.  Mainly fed - for the time being - by ex-lease cars and ex-demos.
A positive future for the used BEV market will depend largely on an acceleration of the sales of new battery electric vehicles, and analysing new vehicle registrations data across Europe, the trend is quite clear: sales of new BEVs are growing rapidly, from 11,000 new BEV sales in 2011 to 128,000 in 2017.  Whilst data on the new BEV market is relatively easy to find, given the smaller scale of the used-BEV market, data has proven difficult to find, or in some cases unreliable.  However, thanks to deep-dives into national sources, we have been able to assemble the graph below for the main 4 European markets over 2013 - 2017 which shows the number of e-used car transactions, and the share these transactions represent of the total used car market.
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