European Car Distribution Handbook 2018 Webinar

Gareth Arnould

Publication Number: ECDH 2018 Webinar 11th December

Author: Gareth Arnould

Date: December 11, 2018

Tags: New vehicles, Dealers

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The European Car Distribution Handbook is a comprehensive analysis outlining the size and shape of franchised dealer networks across Europe and provides a unique and invaluable resource for anyone working in this area.  The report includes data of the name and ownership status of sales companies, the number of individual entities that own dealerships, and the number of outlets and their function, split between sales and aftersales networks, for a total of 38 brands across 36 European markets.  Please folow this LINK if you would like to buy a copy now.
The data in this edition of the European Car Distribution Handbook refers to the network position as at 1st January 2018.  Sales data refers to total new vehicle registrations (retail and wholesale).  In those markets where network and sales data is not provided, it is our understanding that there was no authorised distribution channel for that brand in that market on 1st January 2018.
For the first time in several years, there have been some changes to the brands covered in ECDH, and our segmentation of them, summarised below.
  • We have added two new brands that have entered the European market as distinct entities during 2017:
    • Alpine, resurrected by Renault, is classified as a ‘Premium’ brand
    • DS, spun off from the Citroën DS line into its own brand, is classified as a ‘Premium’ brand
  • To simplify analysis, we have reclassified the four brands previously listed as ‘Other’:
    • Chrysler, Dodge, and MG are now classed as ‘European Volume’ brands, the first two on the basis of their ownership by FCA, and the latter on the basis of historical position, whilst recognising that all MG cars are now assembled in China
    • Lancia is now classed as a ‘Premium’ brand
As usual, data is collected directly from the manufacturers at either the European or global headquarters level. We have updated data for all brands this year, although, as in previous years, data for the smallest brands, notably MG and Infiniti, has been collected manually, rather than directly from the manufacturer.  As usual, every effort has been made to check data provided by manufacturers against both historical data and external sources to ensure both quality and consistency.  As with previous years, we have continued to conduct summary analysis based on brand type, in addition to individual brands.  As with last year, we have also continued conducting analysis on a core set of 20 brands which can be considered as “continuing” year to year with constant market presence and no extreme changes in representation.  
The markets covered in this edition of the European Car Distribution Handbook remain unchanged from previous editions published by ICDP, covering 36 markets across Europe.  Markets have been grouped, as before, by two criteria – (i) whether the country is a member of the European Union and (ii) Geographical location (Western Europe or Central and Eastern Europe).  These criteria are not mutually exclusive, so for example markets can be in Central and Eastern Europe and a member of the European Union, or in Western Europe but not a member of the European Union.  Russia and Turkey are both considered within Central and Eastern Europe.
This is the eigth edition of the handbook published by ICDP since 2012, and continues in the vein of other editions with continued improvement in the quality of data contained within.  Once again, we have maintained the established and familiar format, and have continued reviewing historical data to identify and correct errors, so users may therefore find that historical data from earlier years in this report differs from that in previous reports – we are confident that these retrospective amendments provide a more accurate picture.
On 11th December we held a webinar to present more findings from ECDH, the presentation is now available for all to download.