Executive Briefing 03/19 Third Party Platforms


Publication Number: Executive Briefing 03/19

Author: Pascal Haubenreisser

Date: January 21, 2019

Tags: New vehicles, Dealers, Channel strategy

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The full title of this briefing is, "Third-party platforms – will automotive third-party platforms consolidate to a few international companies, as we have seen in the hotel/travel industry?" 
ICDP regularly tracks the development of automotive online platforms for new cars, used cars and service.  We have recently looked at the evolution of these platforms at EU-5 market-level, and illustrated how some players have left the market for varying reasons, whilst others have found growth opportunities in their niche against increasing competition.  Many of these operators have now established themselves ‘as part of the system’, rather than being truly ‘disruptive’.  But elsewhere, the hotel/travel sector has seen a massive consolidation process amongst its third-party platforms, resulting in the creation of a couple of very large international online travel agents (OTAs), Expedia Group and Booking Holdings.  Will the third-party platforms that form part of the automotive buying journey take a similar route, and what might this potential consolidation look like?  Which companies could be the potential consolidators? 
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