Icdp _dataservicesThe European Car Distribution Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the
franchised sales and service networks of all significant car brands in Europe,
covering 36 markets in the European Union, European Economic Area,
Russia and Turkey. It has been published annually since 1997, providing
unique insights into the changing profile of dealer representation across the continent.

Professor Jonathan Brown, the previous publisher of ECDH, and a former
Director of ICDP, continues to provide support and advice to the publication.

Back-editions since 2011 are also available. ECDH can be purchased in PDF format,
and more details of the 2018 edition can be found HERE or is also available
as part of our DataPort online subscription service.

On December 11th 2018, we held a webinar about ECDH, please follow this LINK to see the slides shown.