Webinar: People and Skills in Automotive Retail


Publication Number: Webinar

Author: Pascal Haubenreisser and Steve Young

Date: November 22, 2017

Tags: Dealers

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A core part of ICDP's recent research has focused on customer-facing staff (sales and service) in automotive retail, investigating how their capabilities need to change in an omni-channel environment. 

Extensive research by customers online results in the brand selection being largely made before any visit to a traditional dealer - currently only 2.6 dealer visits on average. At the dealership, we know that the sales people have a greater influence on the customer's new car buying decision than material factors i.e. the interior or exterior of the dealership. Therefore salespeople often have only one opportunity to satisfy the customer’s expectations in their decision phase. It is therefore critical that customer-facing staff attribute a combination of hard and soft skills to be able to interact in an engaging and value-adding way. Some dealers, especially the larger groups, are now experimenting by hiring new staff types, often people without previous automotive experience but with a high natural service orientation.  However in general, the whole sector still underperforms, indicated by high staff turnover at dealerships.

In our webinar held on 22nd November , we looked at the degree of alignment between the future customer-facing skills needs of the sector in an omni-channel environment, and the typical current approach.  We highlighted examples of innovative attempts to address a lack of skills, and considered how people measurement and reward systems need to evolve to meet future needs.

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