ICDP Workshop: Connected car/customer data and regulation

Andrew Tongue

Publication Number: Workshop presentation

Author: Andrew Tongue

Date: December 05, 2017

Tags: New vehicles, Automotive regulation, Mobility trends, Presentations

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The growth of connectivity within the car, and of a wide range of connected services around the car and its driver are together raising a number of critical questions and challenges for players within the automotive sector around how the data generated will be collected, processed, and secured.  Recent pieces of ICDP research have been looking at these challenges from a variety of perspectives:

  • What will customers expect from the sector in terms of a connected mobility experience, and what changes and safeguards will be required of OEMs, dealers, and others to deliver this?
  • Will retrofit telematics enable the independent aftermarket (or OEMs/dealers) to offer equivalent levels of connected services for older cars?
  • How will connectivity and data change the roles and relationships of OEMs, dealers, the independent aftermarket, and third parties?  What new processes and skills will be required?
  • How will European regulators shape the legal framework for the handling and securing of car and customer data?

This workshop addressed these and other related questions, and focussed in particular on:

  • Customer attitudes to telematics and the connected car, and to sharing personal and car data with the sector, informed by ICDP’s 2017 consumer survey
  • The scope for retrofit aftermarket telematics, especially to provide a more ‘managed’ approach to service provision
  • The emerging debate around 'right to repair' across a number of product sectors, and the automotive-specific regulatory debate around fair access to connected car/customer data for different types of player
  • The incoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) at European level, and what this might mean for the handling of car and personal data, particularly that collected via telematics

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