Consumer survey webinar (second in series)

Gareth Arnould

Publication Number: Webinar February 2018

Author: Gareth Arnould

Date: February 20, 2018

Tags: Customer insight

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How do aftersales customers and new car buyers conduct online research?

In this, the second in our series of consumer webinars, we continued to explore the latest results from ICDP’s 7th annual consumer survey.

Our first webinar (12th December LINK to presentation) focused exclusively on exploring aftersales customers and their behaviours, examining what they want, and how repairers can build and maintain customer loyalty. This second webinar took a step back and delved into how both aftersales customers and new car buyers conduct online research.

Online research has become an integral part of many customer’s purchase process, whether they are buying a car or a phone, or whether they are looking for services ranging from aftersales to landscaping. But whilst we know that customers do online research, exactly what they do, how they do it, and the value that it provides, is much murkier.

In this 60 minute webinar we delved deeper insight into this topic by utilising results from our latest customer survey. We looked at a range of elements that make up online research – what customers do, where they do it, and the value that they feel online research provides. Using this we built up a complete picture of customer’s online research and explore how the industry can use this understanding to improve products, services, and processes.

The presentation with speaking notes is now available to members to download by following the download button on the right.