2018 Guide to the World’s Biggest Dealer Groups


Publication Number: Executive Briefing 04/19

Author: Pascal Haubenreisser

Date: February 20, 2019

Tags: Dealers

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Besides monitoring changes in the automotive retail environment and supporting members and clients in developing their strategies to address those changes, ICDP tracks annually the evolution, fortunes, and strategies of the largest independent dealer groups across Europe as part of the ICDP Research Programme.  This research year, we have extended the scope beyond Europe to take in the largest independent dealer groups across the world, seeking to identify these operations, understand their performance and reveal differences in terms of the business model across markets and continents.  

We shared these results with members in our Global Dealer Groups Webinar February 2019, but are now publishing our ranking, based on automotive operations revenue only, of the Top 100 independent (non-manufacturer-owned) dealer groups.  The 2018 Top 100 ranking, which provides the status of the world’s biggest groups at the close of 2017, illustrates geographical region, home market, revenue, importer role, new/used/total car sales, the number of passenger car brands represented, plus the numbers of outlets operated.  The ranking in part is based on estimates, derived from local market and dealer group characteristics, and in some cases where data was unavailable via public sources or our own research.  The full ranking forms part of this briefing. 

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