About ICDP

The automotive distribution sector around the world is a fiercely competitive place to do business for all the various players involved; manufacturers, importers, dealers, parts producers, independent repairers and others.

The need for improvements, efficiencies and cost savings is constant; and after the lean production revolution of the past couple of decades, attention is now firmly turned to distribution, with evolving customer needs, economic pressures, and new technologies all combining to drive fundamental change to traditional business models.

Against this challenging backdrop, the need for in-depth, research-driven expertise to underpin strategy formulation and implementation has arguably never been greater.  ICDP’s unique collaborative research programmes have enabled us to build up just such expertise over the last two decades, and to share it for the benefit of our clients around the world.

The collaborative research programmes remain at the heart of what we do, and we encourage organisations from across the sector to get involved and to experience the benefits at first hand – for more information, please see our research programmes pages.  Alongside these, we have built a range of services around the skills, capabilities, and experience we already have in place, allowing our clients to tailor a package of ICDP support to their individual needs.

Events and publications
Research programme members continue to benefit from a series of closed events, from major plenary meetings to in-depth individual topic workshops.  Alongside these, we also offer events for specific audiences, bringing together like-minded individuals to share cross-sector learning and best practice in a networking-friendly format.  Our team also regularly take part in client in-house meetings and events, as well as external conferences and think-tanks.  For more information, please see the Events and webinars section of the site.

Outputs from the research programmes are made available in the form of presentation slides, briefings, and other written documents.  All are available for download from the Publications section of the site, which houses a large library of the material we have produced over the years.  Whilst many of the outputs are embargoed to research programme members, we also regularly make summary briefings and other insights freely available – all that we ask is that you register with us.

We offer a full range of consulting services, which taking our research knowledge as a base, can help a client to develop new strategies, evaluate existing businesses, improve existing operations and implement new practices.  We offer teams who blend in-depth industry knowledge from both operational and research perspectives, with proven consulting skills, and can handle anything from a dealer performance improvement project in a few locations, to a global strategy project requiring teams on the ground in multiple markets.  For more information, please see our Consultancy pages.

Education and training
Our education and training offer aims to broaden the access to our extensive archive of experience and teaching material, to enhance the skills of those taking on roles in key automotive distribution functions.  Through a mixture of interactive learning, tasks and simulation, we can deliver core understanding and skills in specific areas, generating both valuable resources for business change and career progression for individuals.  For more information, please see our Education and training pages.

Data services
Our Data services include detailed information on franchised network sizes and shapes, and insights into how customer behaviour is changing, delivered via our DataPort online tool, and via our annual European Car Distribution Handbook.  For more information, please see our Data services pages.