Competition and anti-trust

ICDP’s collaborative research programmes and other activities exist in order to encourage and support strategic and operational improvements to the distribution model.  ICDP does not lobby on behalf of its members or clients, or any particular sector of the industry, and we are committed to fair competition and compliance with competition laws in all markets.  Accordingly, we do not conduct research in areas which may be deemed to be in contravention of competition law, and ask that our members commit to this principle in their interactions with other members in our meetings or any exchanges in any form arising from ICDP activities.

Such areas ICDP considers as restricted and/or prohibited would be price fixing, fixing market trading conditions, allocating of products and/or geographical markets and/or customers, and assisting collaboration on distribution and/or purchasing and/or reduction in capacities.

ICDP is proud of its data and its accuracy, we are grateful to members for their contributions to our research: our policy is never to identify which brand has supplied the data whether in a benchmarking exercise, cross market comparison etc.

If you wish to discuss any of the above, please contact the Managing Director.